Quiz Your Friends

Online Quiz Maker

Lets talk about the new type of entertainment that every person likes nowdays, during covid and lockdown there was only one entertainemtn that people loved the most use to be watching movies, but now there is an other one, called creating quizzes and asking your friends questions about yourself checking how how much do they really know you.During the lock down period, I have been making a lot of quizzes to find out how much my family memebers or friends know me, I was surprised that they did not even know my basic likings or dislikings!

I wanted a website where I could create a multiple choice quiz and select the correct answer and see if my friends can guess that.

I tried many quiz making websites but most of them were not what i wanted as most of them were for bussiness purposes such as asking for feedback from customers or survey kind of thing, what I was looking for was a simple website which I can use to create the quiz and send the link to my friends.

I almost tested all the websites online which do create the quizzes I wont like there were some that did the job but some of them had errors and bugs which I did send email to the founder of those websites to sort it out, but then I used this site to quiz my friends.

I really liked it because it was easy to use as I am not the best with computers so this does the job for me, I created many quizzes using that site tested almost all my close friends and my as I thought my best friend did know a lot more about me than my own family.